Security and Investigation Service

AFP handyman security & investigation service

Security and Investigation Service

Security and Investigation Service

Providing security watch mobile patrols

A.F.P. Handyman Service provides phenomenal investigation services in order for you to gain closure in whatever affliction that has been bestowed on you. Our security and investigation services ensures that you are safe no matter where you go. We are discreet and will not draw attention to your daily activities unless you are being harmed, then we will intervene. If you prefer us to be visible and being by your side everywhere you go, just let us know and we will be there.

Whether you are going to and from work or school, to the grocery store and back home, our escort services ensures your safety is a top priority. In this dangerous, ambiguous world there are all kinds of dangerous people living in it. But with the protection of our detective services, we will not let you be a victim of vulnerability.

We offer private security services for those who are worried about any threats or stalker activities that could potentially happen to them. We ensure that you and your home are under attentive surveillance to avoid any harm towards you or your family.

If you are seeking professional help with investigating a case and gaining that closure you need, contact us today in Meadow Lake, SK.

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